Tips For Breezing Through Airport Security

The one command all road warriors live by is, “don’t get delayed at airline security checkpoints.”
It’s the command that the ultimate road warrior, Ryan Bingham, devoted his life to. Bingham, the 10 million mile frequent flier played by George Clooney in the movie “Up In The Air,” turned minimizing airport terminal time into an art form.
Bingham understood that checking bags can add an average of 35 minutes to each flight. Therefore, he used a Travelpro® Rollaboard® carry-on that met airline restrictions, and accommodated everything he needed for his business trips.
Ryan used common sense to quickly navigate gate check lines:
Bingham packed all metal objects (watch, cell phone, loose change, etc.) in his Rollaboard luggage, eliminating his need to handle them at the security checkpoint. Plus, he kept his computer readily accessible in the convenient laptop compartment.
Ryan could have further streamlined his trips through security if he had carried on a “checkpoint friendly” business case, like the Travelpro Crew 8 or ExecutiveFirst briefcase.
Although the laptop stays in the briefcase during the X-ray process, it meets the Transportation Security Administration’s regulations regarding computers not being in direct contact with other objects while being scanned.
Bingham would simply unzip the back of his computer case, lay it flat on the conveyer, zip up the case once it passed through the X-ray machine, and then, proceed to his gate. He’d not only avoid the hassles of removing his computer from its case, but the danger of potential damage, as well.
If you follow the road warrior’s command as strictly as Ryan did, you and your Travelpro Rollaboard will zip through airport security and be “Up In The Air” in no time.
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