Airwheel Knowledge Lesson:Tips for Practicing Riding Unicycles

Abstract: Riding self-balancing unicycle is a very efficient exercise for office employees lacking time to have physical training. Today, I will introduce some tips on how to ride skillfully and work out with a unicycle.

As an office employee, you may hope to get more exercise. But the problem is always that after a day’s toil, you are in no mood for working out. Now, I advice you to have a try of an electric unicycle. This device is not restrained by any unexpected road condition. You can ride it anywhere as you like.

Airwheel S3

electric one wheel scooter is a device to help train your balance and patience. It relaxes your physical muscle in some degree and saves your time for getting around. Besides, electric scooter costs less than other vehicles. Riders can practice riding a scooter at any time anywhere.

Tips for right riding style
Keep the upper body straight to reduce pressure on spine. Keeping your body straight also helps to keep balance easily and make riding process more stable.

Keep your head vertical to relax the part above your spine
Focus your eyes on the space ten meters ahead. This helps to reduce the stress on your neck muscle. You can maintain a relaxing posture when riding.

Airwheel S5

Recommended practice to improve your riding skills
If you are uncomfortable with two legs riding and need to make some adjustments, you don’t have to stop the electric unicycle. You can control it with one leg and change the position of your foot to be more comfortable. Riding with one leg is the most practical method to improve your riding skill. Apart from the above advantages, it also builds your leg strength and enhances the agility and flexibility of ankles and knees. Meanwhile, it is recommended that you should wear protection equipments like knee pads when riding to avoid injury.

For office employees occupied in heavy workloads, Airwheel one-wheeled intelligent scooter is a very efficient tool to get exercise.

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