Tips to Sanitize a Hotel Room

There is a multitude of tips swirling around telling us what we should do once we start traveling and staying in a hotel room again. Hotels are gathering up all those tips and doing what they can to still be inviting — and safe — spaces for their guests.
Of course, sanitation is at the top of everyone’s lists these days, and many hotels are taking extraordinary steps to keep everything sanitized and as germ-free as they can get it. But maybe you want some peace of mind assurance for yourself.
Here are a few tips to ensure a safe, and clean stay at your hotel.
First, bring extra wipes for the hotel rooms. We’ve been encouraging travelers the last few years to take disinfectant wipes with them on planes. Now it’s important to have an extra set of wipes for your hotel rooms. You can buy travel-size wipes for the airport and the hotel room before your next trip, or just put a few disinfectant wipes into a lockable plastic bag to keep them moist.
As soon as you get into your room, wipe down all light switches, the TV remote, the desktop, door and drawer handles, and finally, the toilet seat.
As soon as you can, wipe down the TV remote. It is known to be the germiest object in the room. Then make your way to the nightstands and alarm clocks, and give those a quick wipe as well. The refrigerator handles and all the door handles associated with your room should be wiped too. Also, wipe the toilet as well.
Do use soap and water to wash the ice bucket with soap and water, not a disinfectant. Same as with glasses. You don’t want to have residue from the disinfectant.
Next, bring an extra sheet and pillowcase Generally, those items are clean but if you want peace of mind, bring your own sheets. If that is not an option, then ask housekeeping to bring a new set. Typically, the ones they bring are fresh and washed.
Remove the comforter. Those tend to not get washed as much as the other pieces of bedding. You can ask for another comforter, and those are typically freshly washed.
If you’re really concerned, ask the hotel to replace the air filter in the AC. More than likely, the engineering team has one. Although many hotels have a great filtration system to filter pollutants, you might feel more comfortable asking them to do it.
Finally, after you land, buy a diffuser with an essential oil. This is another way to clean the air and you get to enjoy a nice scent while you’re in your room.
Are you taking extra steps to sanitize your hotel room when you travel? What kinds of products do you use or steps do you take? Share your findings with us on our Facebook page, or on our Twitter stream. You can also find us on our Instagram page at @TravelproIntl.
Photo credit: Michael Drummond ()