To chat with Airwheel S8 product manager Michael: unity of opposites

Slovenly and detail-oriented

Maybe you are never exposed to self-balancing electric scooter or you are a highly skilled player, familiar with kinds of electric scooter brands. If so, you must have heard the Airwheel, a leading smart transportation vehicle manufacturer. Are you familiar with S6, Z series and other models? Recently, Airwheel has launched a brand new product—S8 electric scooter with seat.

Michael, product manager of Airwheel has seldom been reported. While, to learn a brand and its products, the necessary step is to learn its project leader. That’s why we organized this interview.

electric scooter with seat for kids

Michael in a black T-shirt is busy with drawing something. Obviously, he managed to squeeze time to be interviewed. No special temperament, cleanly yet not meticulously dressed is my first impression. However, in the follow-up dialogue, the ordinary big boy shows a totally different side.

The interview is as follows. (question=Q;answer=A)
Q:Airwheel S8 adopts the dual-ride mode, based on the S6. With the interval of only half year since the release of S6, why does S8 is launched so quickly?
A:As product R&D personnel, we need to learn the real-time demands and trends from consumers and market no matter in the development, sale or after-sale phase. Since the release of S6, we have done extensive collection for the user experience both in online communities, such YouTube, Facebook and Wechat etc. and offline activities.
Through data analysis, it is found that the majority riders are satisfied with the dual-ride mode, changing riding mode freely. Meanwhile, some details remain to be perfected. To better and quickly solve these issues, Airwheel S8 project is begun.

Q:In your opinion, does the market orientation of Airwheel S8 is the young?
A:It does not limit to the young. Anyone who are willing to try new things and willing to change are the potential consumer of S8 saddle-equipped scooter. Anyway, to find more fun is to accept changes. It is a kind of living state, and has nothing to do with age. What the Airwheel team did is to ensure every rider can get a better riding experience, get a safer trip mode and get more fun.

Q:In the development phrase of S8, what do you think is the core element?
A:It is safety, penetrating in the whole process. In its infancy, we are confused. As limiting to high-skilled players contradicted the faddish and extremely convenient products. Actually, what we need is a brand new trip mode and concept. It is hoped S8 will be accepted by more riders of different ages and hobbies. Learn it and make a change.
Through extensive market investigation, it is found over 76% have worried about the safety issues of electric scooter. It will become reliable and trust-worthy when the safety and high quality are ensured.

double-wheels electric scooter

Q:In the safety aspect, what did Airwheel do?
A:Safety can be divided into two main aspects. For one thing, it refers to the safety protection during ride. For another, it is the quality of the product.
During the ride, the ride posture can be altered freely. Airwheel S8 rewrites the algorithm and upgrades the pressure sensitive system transforming the two-shaft driving to all-round three-shaft driving, to make the riding more flexible.
For the quality, Airwheel is constantly strict with every link, from the material selecting to production. For instance, the operating rod adopts unibody tech to ensure safety.
Airwheel owns a systematic and thorough quality standard. Now, the Airwheel S8 enters the final extreme environment test, covering anti-radiation test, anti-franklinism test, crash test and thermal cycle test etc. to ensure every step is impeccable.

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Q: Apart from the safety issue, are there other improvements?
A:Of course. Please allow me to say sorry to my team. They have to bear my fastidious behavior. And I am particular about details. While, it is sad such behavior will continue.
For the improvements, I will talk about the tires, operating rod and App, for example.
To achieve better traffic ability, Airwheel S8 is equipped with 10 inch pneumatic tires, anti-explosion, shock absorption and better road holding ability. Users can ride on any roads steadily.
It alters I operating rod to C, providing more supporting points for the users’ legs. It will give riders a more flexible and easy riding experience in turning. And some think such design is much more artistic.
The upgraded APP is able to build a community for riders. With the IM social system, they can share their journey and mood etc.
So, riders can fully expect the riding experience of S8 sitting-posture electric scooter.

Q:Is there difficulty in the R&D process?
A:To find the balance between economic cost and high-performance and to accurately estimate the target user’s demand are the main difficulties.
To accurately estimate the target user’s demand requires long-term data collection and analysis. We need to infer the functions and feelings the users want and then to fulfil it.
The same to find the balance between economic cost and high-performance. Certainly, we will not only pile up performances regardless of cost, the vise verse. The product meeting the users’ demands in a reasonable price is what we want.

Sitting-posture electric scooter

Q:From your introduction, we have had a better understanding of S8. We know Einstein is not only a famous physicist, but also a classical music fan. So, would you like to talk about your hobbies?
A:Drawing. I play guitar occasionally. My friends prefer me to draw something quietly. They are not professional drawings, not oil painting, let alone the wash painting.
In my occasional spare time, I will scrawl something, an idea, a thing in the vision or a new product conception etc.
Actually, to be a cartoonist is my childhood dream. While, both the cartoonist and product manager is to create new things. Now I enjoy the current living state, my life and work, especially when my products are accepted by the public and bring fun to their life.

Q:Could you disclose the arrangement of the follow-up projects?
A:At present, it is trade secret. I can say Airwheel will be devoted itself to providing a full set of smart trip mode solution in the whole 2016.
Q:Thanks very much for you taking time out from your busy schedule.
A: You are welcome. See you again.

(The end.)

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