To Show Female Fascination, Airwheel Q1 Two-wheeled Electric Scooter is the Best Partner

Abstract: Environment-friendly and intelligent, Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter leaves consistent impression to the users. Recently, Airwheel breaks up that impression, launching a new scooter Q1 to the market. Specially designed for female users, Q1 has a cute and light body. Thus, it is affectionately known as City Elf.

Many people choose Airwheel self-balancing scooter as their daily transport means mainly because of its environment-friendly and intelligent features. Actually, among all series of Airwheel scooter, there is one scooter which is cute in appearance and flexible in running, quite suitable for female users. That is Airwheel Q1. Fondly named as City Elf, Q1 has led a new fashion trend of intelligent transportation.

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Adopting 12-inched tires, Q1 has a smaller body compared with other Airwheel electric scooters. Weighing only 10.6kg, two-wheeled electric scooter Q1 is the lightest one among Q series of scooters. As a result, it is much more portable for ladies to carry. In terms of the appearance, white is Q3’s major color. Simple and elegant lines of the body endow Q3 with female fascination. No one would refuse the chance to have a try on this attractive fashionable scooter.

With the introduction of Airwheel’s patent, two-wheeled design, Q1 has stronger grip and braking force. And then its accelerated speed is faster and stability is much better. Even for those girls whose balanced capacity is less prominent, Q1 is easy to control. Only 5 minutes is enough for them to get the point of how to ride it well.

Named as City Elf, not only because Q3 twin wheel electric scooter has a small body, but also because of its characters of environmental protection and low noise emission. So going out with Airwheel Q1 is to practice environmental responsibility for the country. Completely powered by the green power, electricity, Airwheel two-wheeled electric scooter adopts imported Sony lithium battery, which would show great performance in running and saving energy in daily life. Reliable and sturdy, Q1 never let people down while running.

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As the cutest elf in the city, Airwheel knows a lot about how to be the most suitable scooter for the ladies. Riding a Q1, each girl would be the most popular angel on the road.

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