Top 7 Lightest Cabin Suitcases

We’ve listed the 7 cabin suitcases that come in under 2kg
All coming in at under 2 kg, these ultra-lightweight cabin suitcases will maximise your onboard allowance by consuming as little of your weight restrictions as possible. We’ve compared like for like models, all 55cm 4-wheel cabin suitcases and ranked them in order for you!
Overall soft sided suitcases are lighter. The only hard suitcases to weight in under 2 kg are from the Samsonite Curv range, which are a patented material that is lighter and stronger than others on the market. They are also more expensive! A typical lightweight hard cabin suitcase is about 2.5 – 2.9kg. So, if you’re after as light as can be for on board, then opting for a soft side or investing in a Curv suitcase is the way to go.
The key with cabin suitcases is they are normally in your care, so they do not need to be as robust and rough and tumble as if you were checking them in. We often advise customers to go as light as possible for on board, and for their bigger suitcases to factor in some protective inclusions and durability.
1. American Tourister Herolite 55cm Cabin Suitcase – 1.6 kg
$289 $149.40
Often the lightest suitcases are so stripped back that quality and functionality are compromised. The Herolite has retained the core essentials for a comfortable ride and functional packing with 4 wheels, internal packing straps and a front pocket. The Herolite is perfect for those doing short interstate trips who want to maximise their on-board packing allowance.
2021 Update,  – the Herolite has been discontinued, the Applite is the closest alternative, find it here
2. Antler Oxygen Cabin Roller Case – 1.7 kg
$249 $173.40
Perfect for weight conscious travellers, the Oxygen cabin suitcase may not be the prettiest in the bunch, but the design is so user friendly it doesn’t matter. When opting for the lightest suitcases, sacrifices need to be made, often side and base handles are left off. The Oxygen is the only one in our list with top, side and base handles, which is significant when you’re lifting your full cabin suitcase into the overhead compartment. It also has generous spoked spinner wheels and a flexi frame designed to provide maximum strength for it’s lightweight structure.
2021 Update – The Antler Oxygen has since been discontinued, the closest alternative is the Samsonite B-lite 4, find it here 
3. Samsonite Lite-Shock 55cm Cabin Spinner Suitcase – 1.7 kg
$579 $345
The Lite-Shock is the lightest in Samsonite’s ultra-light Curv suitcase range. This is the ‘sporty’ model with a single pole handle and large spoked wheels, the ridged design is reminiscent of a rib cage protecting valuable organs! The Curv material is higly resilient, its flexible, shock absorbing and resists cracks and dents whilst protecting your gear. If you’re seeking quality in a hard suitcase, the Curv is as good as it gets.
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4. Samsonite Cosmolite 55cm Cabin Spinner Suitcase – 1.7 kg
$579 $345
The Cosmolite is the original Curv suitcase and is celebrating a decade since its release. Ten years is a long time to be so unparalleled in strength and light weight technology, yet the Cosmolite still reigns supreme! The Cosmolite 3 is lighter than its ever been with sport spoked wheels an integrated handle, built in TSA lock and premium interior. A Cosmolite sells every 1.5 seconds around the world, it’s stood the test of time and is a worthwhile investment.
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5. Samsonite Uplite SPL cm Expanding Cabin Suitcase – 1.8kg
$329 $195
Lightweight, stylish and expandable, the Samsonite Uplite cabin suitcase ticks more boxes than simply ‘light’.  Coming in at under 2kg, the Uplite has an impressive list of features, first and foremost, it is expandable (the only one in our list that is), and its fitted with striking rose gold accents and a two tone design.  There is also a front and side pocket, interior organisation and built in TSA lock, this lightweight suitcase hasn’t sacrificed any packing features.
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6. Samsonite 72 Hours DLX Cabin Spinner Suitcase – 1.8 kg
$329 $164
The Samsonite 72 Hours cabin spinner suitcase is our most recommended lightweight cabin bag.  The new version has double spinner wheels which are more durable and easier to manoeuvre on rougher surfaces. The 72 hours also offers extra value as it comes with an emergency bag, which can be used as an additional soft carry on bag for any overflow.  It also features a built in TSA lock, front pocket and internal packing straps.
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7. Samsonite Firelite 55cm Cabin Spinner Suitcase – 1.9 kg
$579 $345
Three of the five Curv suitcases weigh in at under 2kg, the Firelite being the 3rd. Similar in aesthetics to the Lite-Shock, the sporty Firelite has been a long-standing member of the Curv family. The water-resistant zip is the key difference in the Firelite, it has a zip seal that works to keep water out so is the best option if you’re spending long periods of time outside or near bodies of water.
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Prices correct at the time of publishing and are subject to change
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