Top Three Attractions of Airwheel Electric Scooter — Safety, Comfort and Power

Abstract: Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter has generated much popularity since its launch. Safety, comfort and power are top three attractions.

Safety has always been a first concern for the design of Airwheel electric scooter. The states of running state can be intelligently supervised by a built-in intelligent chip or through the mobile APP, and sent to riders in form of visualized data, which enables riders to better react to various riding situations. Then, there are multiple protection systems to safeguard riders, like tilting protection, speed protection and low battery protection. The smart chip can check the body's position and its speed at any time. When its tilting angle and the speed exceed rated limit or its battery level runs too low, the protection mechanisms of electric self-balancing scooter will be activated and give warnings to ensure safety. Also, the application of electronic braking system to A3, E6 and E3 folding electric bike ensures more safety on condition of emergency braking.

Airwheel A3

The second attraction is optimized riding experience. Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter has made a revolutionary transformation in design pattern, for instance, the previous models of Airwheel, like X8, Q6 and S5 standing up electric scooters etc. support standing-posture. Airwheel A3 supports sitting-posture ridings that is more labor-saving and relaxing for riders who take on a long-distance travel. As for the S6 and S8 2-wheeled electric scooters, they can be ridden both in standing-posture and in sitting-posture.

electric folding bike

Form the aspect of power, the upgraded battery performances provides sustainable power supply, for example, A3 with the colossal battery capacity of 520wh and S5's battery capacity reaches 680wh. For the latest products, such as Z5 foldable e scooter, E6 and E3 e bikes, their batteries are designed to be swappable. Moreover, the branded lithium battery featuring numerous re-charged times can provide strong momentum and sustainable power supply.

folding electric bike

With improved performances and optimized design, Airwheel riders are able to travel for a long distance and negotiate varied terrains, and enjoy the entire riding experience that is simple, safe, relaxing as well as thrilling.