Travel Gear to Get Your College Student

If your son or daughter is heading /back to college this fall, you’ve likely spent the last few months in full-on preparation mode stocking up on everything from dorm décor to economy-size packages of Ramen noodles.
Before you send your college-bound kid packing, make sure they have a sturdy bag to last throughout their college years… unless you’re OK with the whole “garbage bag as luggage” deal. They’ll need something they can haul around for a trip home, for travel overseas, Spring Break, or even a weekend away.
Assuming you’re not, here are four great travel gear options for your college student:
Messenger bag
Great for: All years
Messenger bags are a hot item right now. Not only are they trendy, but they’re also quite versatile in both form and function. A good messenger bag can do the job of a backpack and laptop bag — and because they’re also popular for young professionals, this style of bag can be used well past your student’s college years.
Great for: All years
Backpacks will never go out of style, but a cheap backpack can (and will) go out of commission. Instead of buying a new backpack for your college student every year, invest in a well-made one that will hold up from the first day of college through graduation day. Many well-made backpacks have some pretty neat features, such as iPod earphone ports and padded compartments to keep laptops or tablets safe. Plus we’re seeing these enter the workforce as more college grads continue to carry them, so we think backpacks may be the new business luggage du jour one day.
20″ Rollaboard
Great for: Seniors
Your son or daughter’s senior year in college will quite possibly be one of the busiest years of their life. On top of endless schoolwork, many students spend the last few months of their college career traveling to job interviews in other cities. A nice rolling bag will come in handy for them as they transition from student to young professional. The Travelpro 20″ Rollaboard features a padded pocket for a laptop or tablet and an efficient business organizer. A roomy compartment for clothing and personal belongings make this a great option for both trips to job interviews as well as long-awaited weekend trips home.
30″ Rolling Duffel
Great for: Freshmen
As we all know, dorm rooms are small and storage space is limited, so your new student will need luggage that can play double-duty. Rolling duffel bags are a great option for this reason. These bags are versatile and transition easily from a casual duffel bag for weekend trips home or camping excursions, to sturdy rolling luggage for spring break vacations. A sturdy rolling duffel bag is an essential item that your college freshman will be able to use all the way through their senior year.
While these bags are great options for college-bound kids, they work well for travelers of all ages. After all, why should your kids have all the fun?! Now that your son or daughter is packing up and leaving, you may want to do some traveling of your own…