Travel Top Five: Traveling in Comfort

Over the years, we’ve talked about traveling light, being efficient, and not taking things you can live without. But that doesn’t mean living a spartan, uncomfortable existence, where you can’t wait for your trip to be over. We still want you to be comfortable.
Everyone has personal standards for comfort. For some, it’s their pillow from home, or wearing their favorite jeans. Often, business travelers have certain standards and efficiencies they should maintain, so curling up on the plane in sweatpants with a pillow is probably not a good idea.
Here are five ways you can be more comfortable when you travel, without looking too out of place or sacrificing packing space and efficiency.
Let’s start with shoes. You’ll be on your feet — through security, through the terminal, through the parking lot, and through the lobby to your client — a good bit of the day. The best way to stay comfortable is to invest in comfort that will carry you, literally, through your trip: get a pair of walking shoes. There are plenty of stylish options that look just as professional, and your feet will thank you.
Also, don’t forgo outerwear just so you don’t have to schlep it through the airport. Do some research and find what suits your situation best. Scarves can accessorize an outfit by creating warmth without bulk, and you can stay surprisingly warm with a fleece pullover.
Long travel days and layovers can leave you hungry and dehydrated. Packing portable comfort foods and knowing where you can purchase your favorite brand of bottled water in the airport will help create some tranquility until you reach your final destination. Even a protein bar between meals can go a long way in keeping you happy.
Instead of using your flight to get work done, choose to unplug from the demands of your job for a little while. Watch a movie, read a book, listen to a new album, or take a nap. Creating an atmosphere for yourself while in flight that prioritizes comfort and relaxation could actually improve your productivity once you arrive at your final destination. If nothing else, you’ll be more relaxed and at ease.
Lastly, your trip will go from comfortable to miserable quickly if your luggage malfunctions. A broken zipper, a handle that won’t retract, or a difficult-to-maneuver suitcase can be avoided if you purchase your luggage wisely. Travelpro’s bags have all been tested to withstand the rigors of travel so that your trip is comfortable and carefree. And they’re more comfortable and easy to use than the competition, so you won’t wear yourself out.
Traveling efficiently doesn’t mean being uncomfortable, and traveling in comfort doesn’t mean overpacking and burdening yourself. If you do these five things, you’ll almost certainly enjoy a more comfortable trip.
What are some of the things you do to travel for comfort? Special clothes, foods, or even rituals? Share them with us in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or in our Twitter stream.
Photo credit: Stanley Wood (Flickr, Creative Commons)