Travelpro’s Testing Methods

Have you ever seen a lifetime warranty for a product and wondered just how the company can offer lifetime insurance against defects in materials and workmanship? At Travelpro, when we offer a lifetime warranty on our bags, it means we’ve thoroughly and rigorously tested each product line to our demanding testing standards.
Before we introduce a new collection, the luggage goes through a myriad of demanding laboratory tests to ensure the performance, aesthetics and durability of the wheels, handles, fabrics and zippers. The testing process is designed to replicate the hazards and perils that luggage faces over time in the real world. For example, we test the retractable handle for 15,000 up and down cycles.
If a bag fails even a single test, it’s sent back to the factory along with a detailed report on what failed. After improvements are made at the factory and the new sample is received, the bag is tested again. This process continues until all tests are passed. Only after all the tests are passed, the new luggage collection is ready for the first production run.
Initial production is inspected thoroughly by Travelpro’s inspection team at the factory and shipped to our distribution centers. At the distribution centers additional quality verification testing is conducted to ensure that the product produced meets our standards.
The process doesn’t stop with the first shipment to our distribution centers. Throughout the life of a product line, we’ll randomly pull bags from new shipments for testing to make sure they still carry the same level of quality. If not, we send them back to the factory for retooling and replacements.
It’s through our rigorous testing that we are able to provide high quality products. The tougher a bag is, the longer it will last. The longer it lasts, the less expensive owning that bag becomes to our customers (compared to buying a new, less expensive bag every couple of years). And thanks to our constant testing, our products continue to meet the needs of the frequent traveler.