What Does Airwheel H3 Smart Electric Wheelchair Can Do For The Elderly?

Abstract: The excellent design of Airwheel H3 foldable electric wheelchair makes itself eye-catching in the wheelchair market. Now let's see the charm of H3's design.

Airwheel H3 portable electric wheelchair catches the eyes of old riders because of its thoughtful designs. The designs of soft & wide saddle, smart handlebar controller, automatic folding system and smartphone App reflect Airwheel is always user-oriented. It is designed for the senior citizens to facilitate their daily travel. So, what can H3 do for them?

Airwheel H3

Firstly, Airwheel H3 automatic electric wheelchairs enables the grey haired to enjoy the modern day's tech advancement easily. It allows them to keep sitting while going forward which is not only labor-saving, but also increases riding comforts because of the comfortable saddle, branded lithium battery and powerful motor. Its saddle designed under the ergonomic principle, offers more comfortable ride than the traditional wheelchair does and avoiding you of being tired from long-distance travel. Riders just need to change controller's inclined angle towards ahead, back, right and left four different directions, then controller would accordingly go forward or backward, turn right or left.

Airwheel smart wheelchair

It is worth noting that all Airwheel mini mars rovers are equipped with branded lithium battery featured longer service life. With the BMS, it has 8-circuit protection which enhances the efficiency of charge and discharge. Their safety is guaranteed. Moreover, its light and sturdy frame made of magnesium and aluminum alloy, H3 electric folding wheelchair can maintain its brand-new look permanently. As a result, the senior citizens can surely enjoy cool and trendy riding experience.

H3 Folding Electric Wheelchair

Furthermore, H3 gives the old a free and flexible riding experience, with the Omni-directional wheel design, its operation more flexible with 360°steering. Also, its 12 inch rear wheel and 8 inch front wheels minimize roll angle and optimize grip effect, which can make your ride comfortable even on bumpy road; the automatic folding system makes H3 smart electric wheelchair fold and unfold easily just pushing the automatic switch; its smartphone app indicates the speed, temperature, power, mileage and monitor, so they can master the condition easily.

Airwheel H3

The old can keep up with time by riding H3 and they can ride it to visit friends, to go to market and walk dog etc.

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