What Luggage Is Best For Car Trips?

Over these last several months, we’ve chronicled how Travelpro rollaboards meet the varied needs of air travelers. For international business travelers and vacationing families alike, we’ve illustrated how our lightweight, durable bags maximize travel enjoyment by minimizing airport hassles.
But, the advantages of Travelpro luggage aren’t limited to air travelers. To anyone about to embark on an overnight car trip — whether you’re a lone salesman chasing your monthly quota or overwhelmed parents transporting a van full of kids to Disney World — we’ve got a range of bags that will make your life easier.
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While airline size restrictions require air travelers to pack light, “road warriors” have much more latitude in the number of possessions they can take on their trip. Enter Travelpro’s comprehensive line of spacious garment bags, and versatile duffels and backpacks.
These expandable bags measure up to 28″ in length, and can easily accommodate a week’s worth or more of clothing and belongings.
The key to traveling with a large wardrobe is intelligent design and capacity. Most rollaboards offer roomy main compartments which expand 2.5 inches, maximizing space and packing flexibility. Some rollaboards and garment bags also feature a removable suiter sleeve and wrinkle-free foam bars which minimizesthe wrinkling of dresses, suits and other formal wear.
If your travel wear is more casual, the suiter sleeve also accommodates shirts, pants and other outfits while keeping them wrinkle-free. On certain collections, it also acts as a divider, separating “his” clothing from “hers” (and “theirs”), or dirty clothing from clean, which helps you stay organized.
Travelpro’s luggage also feature many side pockets. Use them to store small items, such as belts and portable electronics, that can wrinkle clothing. And don’t forget to utilize the top lid to store shirts and other folded garments.
Common sense plays a major role in effective packing. Place heavy objects, such as shoes and toiletry kits, on the bottom of the main storage compartment, then arrange your garments on top. Pack your formal wear properly in the suiter sleeve and secure your clothing with the interior tie-down straps to prevent shifting – and wrinkling – in transit.
So, whether your travel plans involve the friendly skies or the open road, remember to take along your Travelpro rollaboard. And, if you are hitting the highway (especially with the family), feel free to take more than one.
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