What Makes Airwheel A6S Electric Self-Balance Wheelchair Unique?

Abstract: Airwheel A6S smart electric wheelchair is one of the new products in with the aim to let more riders enjoy the tech advancement, especially those who have difficulty in walking. so, what make A6S unique?

Under Airwheel A-series, it is the second model following A3—A6S providing comfortable and stable riding experience. A6S smart Self-balancing Electric Wheelchair is designed to help disabled and the old, or the weak ones move within a certain distance. It is the lightweight aluminium chassis, comfortable saddle and intelligent removable handlebar make it unique.

Airwheel A6S wheelchair Intelligent

It is worth noting that A6S personal vehicle is controlled by two modes. One is the change of gravity centre, allowing riders to go forward or backward freely and easily. The other is the intelligent handlebar controlling it to turn left and right. To brake, there are two ways too. Posture brake: change the centre of gravity to the opposite direction of the movement to brake. For example, when you go forward, you can brake by leaning your body backward. Electronic brake: during riding, you can long press the electronic brake switch to decelerate and brake. When A6S decelerates or brakes, please release the electronic brake switch.

Airwheel wheelchair Smart

Also, the super large LED display on the handlebar that can be upgraded precisely shows the real-time data. A wide and comfortable saddle in A6S promotes it into the mainstream consuming market.

Smart Wheelchair Airwheel A6S

What is more, it is more flexible and intelligent than imagined, easy to fold and convenient to store. With the folding size of 0.8 m³, A6S folding e wheelchair occupies little space. The specific steps are as follows. Loosen the set setscrew to remove the adjustable operating arm from the body. Pull outward and rotate the index plunger and get the mount stuck and loosen the index plunger; rotate the armrests to horizontal position. Pull outward and rotate the index plunger and release it when a click sound is heard. Then the armrest is folded. Split the saddle velcro tape, rotate backrest, fold backrest and stick saddle to frame. Then the backrest is folded. Besides, considering the better customer experience, Airwheel A6S has its App and riders could wirelessly connect it with his phone to keep informed of the real-time data.


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