What To Pack When Backpacking Europe

You’ve decided to fulfill a lifelong dream by backpacking Europe. Congratulations on your ambition and sense of adventure. Obviously, such an undertaking requires proper preparation. In the words of renowned European travel expert, Rick Steves, the key to success is “packing light and right.”
Image via Wikipedia. A group of American tourists encounter Rick Steves.
Whether you’re traveling with a backpack or rollaboard luggage, Steves strongly recommends limiting yourself to one bag. By doing so, you eliminate the hassles of checking and retrieving extra luggage, paying excess and oversized baggage fees, and dragging multiple bags through security checkpoints and around the countryside.
So, how do you fit a whole trip’s worth of belongings into one backpack or carry-on? According to Steves, you “bring very little.”
“Don’t pack for the worst case scenario,” writes Steves in his article Packing Light And Right, available at . “Pack for the best case scenario, and simply buy yourself out of any jams.”
Some valuable tips include:
As Steves points out, you can’t travel heavy, happy and cheap. You have to pick two.
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