What’s The One Thing You Could Not Travel Without?

Is there one thing that you absolutely could not travel without? In a perfect world — at least our world — everyone’s answer would be Travelpro luggage. Ah, but the world isn’t perfect, and opinions do vary. (But we’re sticking with our answer.)
Many travelers wouldn’t last a day without their laptops. More and more of us depend on our PCs to organize both our business and personal lives, and we require continuous access to the Internet.
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Such devotion works to Travelpro’s advantage, since we offer a wide range of durable luggage, each designed to safely transport these precious laptops. Platinum 7 and Crew 8 Business Plus Rollaboards are especially popular, as are our “Checkpoint Friendly” Computer Briefcases.
Both the Platinum 7 and Crew 8 models feature padded laptop pockets that provide protection and easy access during security screening. And, Travelpro’s “Checkpoint Friendly” briefcases and backpacks allow you to pass through security without the hassle of removing your laptop.
Another item most travelers couldn’t do without is their “smart phone.” In fact, many business people use iPhones, Blackberrys and Androids in lieu of their laptops on short trips. These phones provide Internet and email access as well as GPS navigation, photography & video capabilities, and thousands of other “apps.”
Austin House, a division of Travelpro and leading brand of great travel accessories, offers a number of accessory items that many people find indispensable. For example, the Austin House Travel Scale with Built-in Tape Measure enables travelers to redistribute belongings before reaching the airport, avoiding both overweight baggage fees and unnecessary frustration at the counter.
Another popular accessory is a set of Pressure-Less Earplanes. These specially designed ear plugs relieve air pressure during take-offs and landings. They’re recommended for cold and allergy sufferers, travelers with sinus conditions and those sensitive to air pressure changes.
Other leading Austin House items include the Flash Drive Combo Lock which protects personal and business information while traveling , the Universal Adapter Plug which is compatible with electrical outlets in more than 160 countries, and the Inflatable Neck Pillow which supports the neck and relieves tension during long commutes.
For most of us, there are a number of things that we can’t travel without, and many of them come from Travelpro and Austin House.
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