When Airwheel lightweight Smart E Bikes Meets smart Helmet

Abstract: The release of Airwheel foldable e bike and intelligent helmet is a piece of great news for urban dwellers. The two gadgets combined will make daily commuting more efficient and safer.

Since Airwheel first launched its intelligent scooters, it has been commonplace for company to roll out more foldable and portable editions. Airwheel folding e bikes E3 and E6 have exhibited superior foldability. The merit of such a feature is that riders can easily store them or even carry them around. But Airwheel is not satisfied with merely producing intelligent vehicles. The release of a smart helmet C5 has better facilitated daily commuting.

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Airwheel electric folding bikes, like E3 and E6, with small stature and foldable features are extremely fit for urban environment. Daily commuters can ride the vehicle to bus and metro station or directly ride the vehicle to companies if they live not too far from where they work. Airwheel E3 and E6 can be connected to an intelligent app over the phone. Every day, before a ride, users can detect the fault of the vehicle and check the battery dumping energy. The light-weight and portable feature is a counter measure to battery shortage. When the vehicle runs out of power during a journey, riders can take the vehicle to transfer to public transportation facility.

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It is required for riders to wear protective equipment on the road. Airwheel smart helmet C5, designed with more high-tech elements, make everyday riding journey fun as well as safe. People who ride e bikes on the road are vulnerable to potential accidents. Airwheel C5, integrated with a camera lens can function as a data recorder on the road. When riders get involved in accidents, the recorded videos can tell the facts. C5 has also enabled phone answering and music playing functions when connected to the smart phone via Bluetooth. When daily commuters wear C5helmet camera during riding an e bike, the journey is enjoyable and comfortable.

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These years' new product release and innovation have accelerated the prosperity of intelligent commuting vehicle industry. Airwheel is taking its intelligent products along an charted path and foresee a promising future.