Wherever you go, whatever you do, Airwheel SR5 robotics suitcase will be with you every step on the way.

Abstract:It’s about time you start traveling smart. The Airwheel SR5 robot suitcase on wheels is loaded with features like a built-in camera, auto-follow, touch controls, tracking systems, phone chargers, and an assortment of organized packing compartments.Airwheel SR5 auto following cuitcase.

Behold the future of luggage – the autonomous smart suitcase—Airwheel SR5! It features a compact carry-on size, it can detect and intelligently move around obstacles, and it can travel at speeds of up to 2km while lasting for 5km when fully charged. ABS and PC shell makes it lighter and sturdier.Airwheel SR5 intelligent selffollowing suitcase.

Airwheel SR5 follows its user while avoiding any obstacles in its path. The built-in smart system is the brains of the SR5, in charge of sensing the environment and avoiding obstacles while following its user. Its sensing ability is made by multi-sensor fusion technology. The system ensures that SR5smart luggage that follows you aroundrolls along within an arm’s length distance to the user at all times. A pair of active wheel units propels the suitcase forward when both wheel units deploy. SR5 travel matesuitcasefollows at a maximum speed of 2km per hour, sufficient for most daily needs. The wheel units are powerful enough to tackle any and all kinds of terrain. What’s more, its rear wheel with dual-wheel drive up to 40W of power provides strong power for SR5, and the 500rpm motor rated speed ensures a stable output power.Airwheel SR5 intelligent auto following auitcase.

With its HD camera, proximity alarm and embedded sensor, your belongings are guaranteed to be safe. SR5’s lock integrates a TSA lock and a traditional combination lock which ensures the luggage is TSA approved and can function properly even without the power supply. The proximity alarm will notify you if your luggage leaves your area. In addition, SR5uses lithium battery with USB port portable power bank as its power source. You can easily charge devices directly from the power bank or with integrated USB port for on-the-go charging, if the power bank is plugged into the suitcase. The power bank is easily removable making airport security checks a breeze.

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