Which One Will You Choose, A3 Or A6S Self-Balance Personal Transports?

Abstract: In the field of personal mobility, the innovative and creative products emerge one after another. To keep its competitiveness, Airwheel has taken the lead to release new products continuously. If you prefer the sitting posture electric scooter, the Airwheel A series is suitable for you. Which one will you choose, A3 or A6S?

If you prefer the sitting posture electric scooter, the Airwheel A series is suitable for you. So far, there are two models—A3 and A6S. Which one will you choose? As the second product in Airwheel A series, A6S lightweight balance wheelchair shares similarities with A3 and more importantly, it has made several upgrades to meet the demands of those who have difficulty in walking and also for the public.

Airwheel A6S Wheelchair

Firstly, like A3, A6S adopts the self-balance technique: aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to realize self-balance. Then, the mobile App was firstly introduced to A3 and Airwheel team designed the exclusive App for A6S smart electric wheelchair. In addition to learning the real-time data, its App has the function of fault self-diagnosis to guarantee safety before travelling and the attentive intelligent design to set the speed level makes it easy to control even for the first riding.

Airwheel A6S Smart Wheelchair

It can be analyzed from the following aspects for their differences. Firstly, A6S chooses different color combination as A3 saddle equipped electric scooter, white and blue, instead of white and orange. Secondly, though A6S installs the saddle design, its saddle is much wider and more comfortable than A3, making the long-time sitting relaxed. In the daily life, it can serve as a chair. Thirdly, A6S is controlled by the gyroscope system to go forward and backward, however, turning directions relies on the handle controller. Also, the dual motors provide strong power with steady and continuous power output to ensure A6S negotiates on slopes, sand and other road conditions as easily as riding on plain roads.

Airwheel Intelligent Wheelchair

To conclude, A3 is preferred by many girls, as it gives them an elegant ride style and Airwheel A6S handle controlled electric wheelchair with a super wide seat design, handle controller and dual motors make it suitable for more riders.