Why does someone choose Airwheel H3S motorized chair over its competitors?

Abstract: Airwheel boasts a unique range of products that are able to satisfy any kind of need. Up to now, there are many different series of travel vehicles with different shinny points. H3S folding electric wheelchair was specially designed for those physically inconvenienced people.

Airwheel has got many international certifications and they use components of prominent brands. In addition, the prices of Airwheel are the most competitive in the market. So, an increasing number of commuters choose the Airwheel mars rover to solve their commuting problems, without traffic jam and environment pollution. How about the old? Airwheel H3S folding power chair is a great solution for users who are looking for a lightweight, quality travel helper. Its automatic folding design allows for simple transport in the trunk of a car and compact storage in one easy motion and its ultra-lightweight is for superior portability.

Airwheel H3s Auto Follow wheelchair

H3S is made from durable, lightweight aircraft quality aluminium alloy making it extremely durable and able to hold up to 130kg. H3S lightweight folding power chair features 12.5 inch rear tires and 8 inch front tires so you can easily roll over tough terrain. Also, included are removable seat covers which allow for easy cleaning. The simple folding design allows for convenient storage and easy transport. And, the retractable armrest can be raised and lowered for access in, or out of, the seat.

Airwheel H3S Lightweight Folding Power Chair

Easy operation is also one of the highlights of H3S motorized chair with the joystick to control all commands. The buttons on the joystick controller represent the acceleration, deceleration, horn and automatic folding and smart following. Moreover, it is replaceable, and riders can place it either in the right or left. Besides, the headlight under the joystick controller ensures a safe night riding. And the dual ride modes – electric mode and manual mode offer much freedom and rider can alter freely between the two modes.

For the sake of users, Airwheel H3S automatic visual following wheelchair with the continuous R&D, realizes the auto-follow function which is a breakthrough in the wheelchair industry. It will come to you and follow you by smart mobile remote control. So, can you answer the question in the title now?