Why Is Lightweight Luggage Important?

Have you noticed that, as you travel, it often feels like you’re carrying the weight of the world? Before you can “carry on,” you feel like you should be carried off. That’s why lightweight, luggage is so important.
Travelpro has been serving the needs of business travelers and vacationers for decades. We know the importance of creating luggage that reduces not only baggage costs, but user fatigue and airport hassles as well.
Frequent travelers will look hard to find bags, totes and duffels that weigh far less than most luggage. With lightweight luggage, you’re able to pack more belongings without exceeding the airlines’ weight limits for checked bags. Most airlines charge “overweight fees” for luggage weighing 50 pounds or more. Some bags can weigh as much as 10-15 pounds, which doesn’t allow you to pack much.
Lightweight luggage is not only much easier to transport through airports, it is easier to carry on the airplane. In the United States, most airlines allow travelers to carry on bags measuring no more than 45 linear inches in combined length, width, and height.
Travelpro offers many carry-on models that meet these size restrictions, which eliminates the cost of checking your bags at departure, and the headache of retrieving them upon arrival. Plus, their light weight and extra handles make them easier to lift into and out of overhead bins. And, their expandability lets you pack a wide variety of contents.
In addition, Travelpro rollaboards are extremely durable. Any manufacturer can offer a bag that doesn’t weigh much. The challenge is to provide a lightweight bag that stands up to airport baggage handling and crowded conveyer systems worldwide.
So, whether you’re an experienced business traveler, or a parent about to embark on a family vacation, picture carrying your luggage at each stage of the trip:
And remember, you’ll be repeating each and every stage on the way home …
Wouldn’t a little less weight make a world of difference?