Winter Packing Tips

Whether you’re heading out on a ski trip, jetting off to see relatives up north, squeezing in some last-minute chilly business travel, or pursuing any other cold-weather activities during a trip this holiday season, you’ll need to pack for the frosty weather.
When you’re staring into your closet and trying to decide what to pack for the cold — all while taking into consideration what will actually fit into your luggage! — it can be a bit daunting. But don’t despair. Here are some tips that should make your frigid travels much less shivery.
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Consider where you’re headed.
If you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors — like on the ski slopes or at an ice-skating rink — of course you’ll need to bring along several pairs of insulated socks, a warm coat, toasty boots, a warm hat, gloves, and so on. But if your exposure to cold weather will mostly be the brief times between the car and the mall or on the short trips from one family member’s house to another, you may want to save yourself some space and hassle by leaving your heaviest, most cumbersome coats and boots behind.
Bring along thin layers.
One of the most essential principles of clothing yourself for cold weather is wearing plenty of thin layers. Bring along lightweight shirts to layer under sweaters and thin jackets. Don’t forget tights, leggings, thermal underwear, or leg warmers. Pack some garments made of fleece for a toasty option that will resist wrinkling. Also consider toting along items made from Thinsulate and Gore-Tex.
Get creative.
Ladies, bring along a pashmina shawl that can also serve as a blanket on the plane, a wrap or a shawl, as well as a scarf. Pashmina shawls are available in a wide variety of prints, colors, and designs and are quite fashionable in addition to their practicality.
Envision how you can layer your individual clothing items differently so you can re-wear each piece multiple times. Mix and match colors, and have fun with your look!
And if you’re running short on luggage space, wear your bulkiest items onto the plane. You’ll always be able to take off a layer or two once you’ve boarded if you get too warm. Travelpro® Rollaboards have extra large front pockets that are ideal for storing hats, scarves and sweaters.
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