With the brand new products, Airwheel shows up on the China Import and Export Fair again

Abstract: Today, the five-day Canton Fair kicks off and Airwheel shows up with its latest products. China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, is held biannually in Guangzhou every spring and autumn, with a history of 59 years since 1957. The international trade show is specially intended for the people all over the world. There is no reason for Airwheel to miss out on this international trade fair.

Airwheel has attended it last year and also decidedly take part in it this year. In a bid to create its global image and enhance its international visibility once again, Airwheel displayed its knock-out products, such as the Airwheel C series and S9, S8 and Z5 at J03, Hall12.1.

Acting as a mobile robot base, as well as a self-balancing electric scooter, Airwheel S9 intelligent wheeled mobile robot is designed to be highly scalable, ready to be connected to future extension devices in a cost-effective way. The first auxiliary series—C series were born to safeguard the riding as well as to enrich the process. Wearing Airwheel intelligent smart helmet , riders are able to take photographs or videos, listen to music and answer phone calls during riding.


Airwheel Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter inaugurates a brand new travel mode, bidding farewell to uncomfortable "8" pattern riding posture so that riders can enjoy a freer and more comfortable riding experience. The upgraded folding system provides riders with a more stable and convenient operation.

You can judge Airwheel S8 saddle-equipped electric scooter from its appearance, the elegant C shape operating rod, the compact size and sit-or-stand riding posture etc. Come and go freely within small space: house, elevator, office etc. Either stand to ride or sit to ride, you are full of charm.

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