4-Wheel Spinners Versus 2-Wheel Rolling Luggage: How Do I Choose?

There are a lot of options when you’re shopping for a new suitcase. Size, shape, color, material — they’re all important
considerations to make. But once you’ve stripped away aesthetics, once you’ve decided how large and how durable, you’re left with the question of how effectively that luggage moves you from Point A to Point B.
Maxlite 2 20" Expandable Rollaboard, a 2-wheeled bag.
That, of course, is where we come in. Bob Plath, founder of Travelpro, was the original creator of Rollaboard® luggage, which revolutionized the way we travel. If you’ve ever pulled a suitcase behind you on two wheels, you have Bob to thank for that.
And today, you’ve even got options beyond “to roll or not to roll.” Now you can get two-wheel rolling luggage or four-wheel spinner luggage, and there are some definite advantages to each type. Let’s take a look:
Two-wheeled suitcases
Speed is the name of the game here. In a two-wheel design, the wheels tend to be larger than the wheels on 4-wheel models, so they roll forward better thanks to the sheer physics of their size. Definitely a better option when you need to get from point A to point B quickly, pulling the luggage across large expanses.
When it comes to overhead bins, two-wheel bags generally are a better fit. The wheels tend to be recessed and are nearly flush with the profile of the luggage case. In addition, since they don’t protrude as much as 4-wheel models, the wheels are less susceptible to damage by baggage handlers and general wear and tear.
Airline fight crews and frequent travelers tend to use two-wheel carry-on bags.
Four-wheeled suitcases
“Spinner” suitcases are all about agility. A four-wheel design gives you 360 degrees of motion, which make them great for zig-zagging through turnstiles and long lines at check-in and security.
This wide range of movement means you’re not pulling only one way — you can even push them, — which can decrease the pressure you’re putting on your arms, shoulders and back.
You won’t get the speed or precision of a two-wheeled suitcase with a spinner bag, but the freedom of motion is unmatched, so from the taxi to the door, through security and all the way to your seat on the plane, you’ll be able to maneuver around whatever obstacles you encounter along the way.
In the end, the luggage best suited to you will be a matter of how you like to travel and sheer personal preference, but it’s always good to understand your options before you make a decision — your bag will be your constant travel companion for quite some time.