Can Today’s Lightweight Luggage Take the Stress of Travel?

A lot of people ask how today’s luggage manages to be so lightweight. And if it’s so light, they ask, will it hold up to the stresses and strains of regular travel?
The answer is most likely yes.
In the “old days,” weight and strength were directly proportional. If you wanted the most durable bag, you needed to use the heaviest materials. Today, that’s not the case. Fabrics have evolved to the point where a light material can also be very strong.
Luggage manufacturers have established an appropriate trade-off between weight and durability. At TravelPro, we look at everything that could weigh down a bag, from the outer material to everything that goes inside.
Our designers use specific guidelines as they craft our luggage. The frames are made from a flexible, durable honeycomb — which also happens to be quite light — then designers go from there as they choose handles, wheels, pockets and even accessories that are included inside the bag.
Fabric is one of the biggest considerations, and it’s usually a choice between polyester and nylon. Today, both are great, durable choices for everyday luggage. Polyester was once considered a low-end material, but manufacturers have made huge strides in strengthening the fabric and making it more aesthetically appealing, too.
All of these things become a factor when deciding what goes into the bag and how much it will weigh — we analyze every component of every bag we make to ensure that it doesn’t exceed our specifications, so you can have the comfort in travel and peace of mind that your belongings will be safe and secure inside your luggage.
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