A Superexcellent Travel Companion—Airwheel Q6, twin-wheeled Scooter

Abstract: Have a splendid travel with the stylish Airwheel Q6, and you will appreciate the infinite scene endowed by nature.

Are you still suffering from dusty air of city? Are you tried of a hectic life? Are you eager to have a degage travel to touch nature? If your answers are yes, it implies that you should have a good rest since health is the precondition to struggle for a better future. Shaking off burden and duty from your shoulders and heart, and please let you have an extraordinary travel.

One option is white matching with blue to let you think of blue sky with white cloud; another one is white along with bright green to let feel the tinges of spring; the last one is white with red to let feel the passion of life.

Airwheel Q6

Facing with those beloved colors, you are confused about which one should be chosen since you like all of the three. While the cushion pads with different colors are replaceable. So there is no need to make a tough decision. You can just take one scooter with the other two cushion pads. Thus, you can choose the right color to match well with your clothes. What a fresh and original design it is!

What’s more, its main body with 14-inch tires is “slim” enough that it can be carried with you as a travel companion. Q6 featured with brand new LED flash lights increases its security capability, especially when you ride it at nights. Does it evoke your desire to ride the self-balancing scooter Airwheel?

Airwheel Q6

This scooter is a superexcellent travel companion. It only bows to your orders or arrangement. For instance, you feel like going outside today, however, your friend is not available or willing to have a travel with you. Then this mini scooter electric is just beside you. It is expecting you to bring it to breathe fresh air from nature. Riding it with a good mood, you will appreciate the infinite scenery.

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