Fancy Outfit Airwheel Q1, a Twin-wheeled Scooter Lighting up Your Halloween

Abstract: It’s a real story from a high-school girl. Let us know that how Airwheel Q1, a distinctive electric scooter makes her stunning on Halloween night.

For most teenagers or some people who are keen on playing, they are proactive to prepare their unique outfits due to that Halloween is forthcoming. For cosers, they are good at dressing up themselves. However, green hands are with knitted brows. “What should I wear on Halloween of this year”, a high-school girl says to herself. Since the desire of being special is so strong, she has determined to choose a fancy outfit to light up herself in the crowd. After searching a long time on the internet, finally she finds it, a twin-wheeled scooter, Airwheel Q1 Twin-wheeled Scooter.

Airwheel Q1

Based on her preference, that white and yellow one with a more distinctive design has been caught by her eyes. In her full of expectation, the mini twin-wheeled scooter has been received by her. She is stunned by its appearance which is more beautiful than the photos. Only from the material, she can feel it’s not a counterfeit product.

Beside the power button, there is a row of Led lights, which indicates the level of battery. When opening the power, she tries to put one foot on the pedal. With a little fear, she almost falls down. Then she goes to her gym to practice it. In that place, she can find some stuff to support her. After practice, she can ride it steadily.

Airwheel Q1

Why does she choose the self-balancing scooters? It’s because she intends to use it on Halloween night. On that night she wears a white long dress until it reaches to her ankles. And she rides the scooter passing through crowd. People are attracted by her like an elf floating among air. Occasionally she speeds up with hemline flying, which totally makes others eclipse. With scooter’s intelligence, she rides it smoothly in all directions. It’s a marvelous night for her with riding a special scooter.

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