About The Different Ride Styles of Airwheel Smart Electric Scooters

bstract: The ride style of Airwheel mini electric scooters has ever gone through a sea of changes. Its different models with different ride style are to meet different riders' demands. There is always one for you. Enjoy trying and experiencing.

In the modern society with heavy traffic and serious environment pollution, the electric scooters are the perfect transportation for short distance commutes and urban living.As we know, Airwheel built up its fame and fortune by the electric unicycle—the classic model in the all line of product. Both the electric one wheel and twin-wheeled electric scooter belong to the stand-on modes that ensure the fun and the happiness. Also, when learning such scooters, riders will get a sense of achievement and many veteran players are into riding it.

Airwheel Z5 mini electric scooter

However, many are flinched at the difficulty. Considering this, Airwheel launched saddle-equipped electric scooters, which is not only a technological product but also an innovative one. The sit-on mode helps those who are exhausted by a long trip. They get riding Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter on the saddle. There is no need for them to worry about the fatigue. Moreover, the S6 and S8 are featured by dual ride styles. That is, riders can stand on it for a ride and at the same time, he can choose the sit-on ride. The dual ride styles are good for the rider to enjoy more fun and happiness.

Airwheel S8mini electric scooter

In addition, Airwheel released the H3 and A6S electric wheelchairs with a comfortable saddle to meet the travel demands of the old. Several new technology is used in H3, like the automatic folding system, intelligent joystick controller and the Omni-directional wheel design etc. Both have two ride styles—manual ride and electric ride mode. They can travel alone and also can be accompanied by their friends and relatives.

Airwheel A6S smart wheelchair

The dual ride styles are not the final edition. Airwheel R series of hybridbikes are proud of their multiple ride modes; say the man-powered mode, pure electric mode and the moped mode and riders can switch among these models freely. There are four models in R series and the R6 lightweight trekking bike like the H3 has the automatic folding system to make it super easy to store it. R8 is for the off-road riders.