Airwheel R8 Hybrid Bike—Ideal For Conquering the Concrete Jungle, Moving Around or Exploring New Areas

Abstract: Airwheel R8 is an excellent electric mountain bike that is right at home on a rugged unpaved path or cruising the streets in your neighbourhood. It sports an aluminium alloy frame and suspension, ensuring that each ride is comfortable and easy to navigate.

The regular use of a bicycle, according to scientific studies, improves the general fitness as well as the respiratory, nervous and mental health of a person. It relieves stress! Airwheel R8 electric cross bike stands out from other products in the market because of its design and technology. Above all, it presents an incomparable riding feeling.

Airwheel R8 mountain electric bike

Unlike other e bikes, R8 has three ride modes that can be altered freely. In the electric mode, it just like other e bikes can be ridden without pedalling; in the moped mode, R8 will provide different levels of power assistance based on the choice of different gears; in man-powered mode, it requires the manual labour to cycle to build up body. Riding Airwheel R8 electric assist bike creates a new lifestyle; it has all the advantages of ease of parking, free circulation inside urban centres, as well as transport within public transport vehicles. Unlike a car or a motorcycle, R8 is silent, allowing a stress-relieving sporting activity. Also, it does not need insurance or property taxes.

Airwheel R8 smart electric bike

What's more, its light aluminium alloy frame can bear 100kg load and the exclusively designed tires of 26 inch with concave and convex texture design provide plenty of security on pavement or dirt roads, while alloy rims offer added durability and stability. Also, the chosen branded lithium-ion battery cells in R8 electric mountain bike have stable performance and long service life. Meanwhile, the battery is designed to be swappable and the electronics like iPad, iPhone or cameras can be charged after connecting to the USB port in the battery. And if you ride at night, its headlights illuminate your way for safety at high speeds, and the rear brake light can effectively remind the pedestrians or drivers of him to avoid cramming from behind.

Airwheel R8 mountain electric bike

Creatively express yourself with the Airwheel R8 hybrid bike, ideal for conquering the concrete jungle, moving around your neighbourhood or exploring new areas.