Advantages of Large Tires: New Member S5 Unveiled in Airwheel’s New Product Release Conference

Abstract: In Airwheel’s new product release conference on 18 June this year, Airwheel launched a new member with excellent cross-country ability—two-wheel scooter S5 fitted with 16-inch large wheel hubs.

Airwheel is always striving to provide users with not only new products, but also more proper ways of commuting for various demands through products with different designs and technologies. In Airwheel’s new product release conference on 18 June 2015, Airwheel introduced a new product, 2 wheel balancing scooter S5 with 16-inch large wheel hubs, with proud.

S5 bike electric

Airwheel S5, as the latest model of S series, is incorporated with all technological experience of this series. The product is designed to be wild and suitable for travelling on all terrains. During the research and development of electric balancing two-wheeler S5, it has undergone extremely detailed tests so as to be faster and more stable than S3. For such riding experience, Airwheel S5 is equipped with a built-in motor whose instantaneous power can reach up to 1500W.

That’s why mountain bikes and cross-country vehicles have thicker and wider tires than highway bikes and sports car respectively. Besides, tires with large wheel hub allow the scooter to negotiate rugged paths more easily and be better adapted to varied terrains. Airwheel S5 can thus be more powerful in the open air and wilder and fancier in appearance.

S5 Standing Electric Scooter

Better cross-country performance cannot be separated from larger battery capacity, since it consumes more power to ride in bad road conditions. Airwheel S5 has a battery capacity of up to 680WH, the largest among all Airwheel scooters, indicating longer distance it can travel. In actual tests, Airwheel intelligent scooter S5 can cover considerably about 45-50km.

In consideration of feelings of participants who have ridden S5 in the release conference, Airwheel S52 wheel self-balancing scooter is generally more powerful in riding, with excellent workmanship and design as always. In terms of comfort and operation, change in contour and style of the shaft adds easiness in scooter riding.

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