An Outdoor Show of Airwheel SUV Self-balancing Scooter S5

Abstract: The most splendid view always occurs after one undergoes rugged and dangerous road conditions. Airwheel intelligent balancing scooter S5 accompanies users to negotiate all bumpy terrains.

Airwheel electric bike motor S5, as one of the two new members unveiled in the 2015 new product release conference, is claimed to be with strong cross-country ability. So, today an outdoor show of Airwheel S5 will tell.

Doesn’t it look like S3 somewhat?

S5 segway electric

Off course yes, After all, S5 and S3 belong to one series. S5 can be described as an SUV edition of S3.

However, S5 has larger tires than S3. The 16-inch large wheel hubs make it stronger than S3; besides, a fender designed for outdoor riding adds some elements of SUV. Professional scooter lovers might be concerned more about tire parameters rather than appearance. Airwheel S5 is equipped with tires of 16×3.5, indicating a larger contact area with ground, larger force of friction and better road holding.

Loot at climbing ability of Airwheel self-balancing two-wheeler S5!

Airwheel S5 has a motor with maximum peak of 1500W, It is the most powerful one among all scooters in output power and enables riders to enjoy an easy and pleasant ride on abrupt slopes outdoors.

Additionally, electric scooter S5 has a battery capacity of up to 680Wh, the largest among all scooter series of Airwheel, It enables the scooter to cover a longer distance. In actual road condition tests, Airwheel S5 can travel 45-50km on a full charge, assuring riders with fun in outdoor travelling.

S5 bike electric

Rear brake lights are highly bright and are still very striking even in the daytime, They are automatically controlled, which will light up in case of an emergency brake to warn passers-by behind the scooter and ensure safety.

Furthermore, S5 is equipped with imported Panasonic lithium battery, potted circuit, water resistant and dustproof design, double chips, double-cell protection board, etc., all of which can increase riding safety of S5.

One will enjoy the moment when he/she gets the other side after various difficulties. Airwheel S5 is powerful enough to accompany users to go through ups and downs of life.

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