Airwheel A6T self-balancing wheelchair was welcomed with lots of enthusiasm in the 79th CMEF

Abstract: Airwheel produces the ultimate Medical Equipment with safer features, stronger hardware, and smarter software. The A6T self-balancing chair was welcomed with lots of enthusiasm in the 2018 China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF).

The years of continuous innovation and self-improvement bear fruit and CMEF has become a main medical industry platformfor technology innovation, trading and networking. Since its foundation, Airwheel focuses on safe design, durable, user-friendly products, which combine easy ride mode and excellent riding experience. Airwheel brings A6T self-balancing wheelchair, one of the new arrivals to the 2018 spring CMEF at booth 4B10, Hall 4.1. Welcome to test it on spot.

Airwheel A6T Medical Equipment at 79 th CMEF

A6Tshares some features with power chairs, but primarily address a different market segment, including the people with a limited ability to walk, and those who might not otherwise consider themselves disabled. A6T makes it possible to satisfy the needs of easy and labor-saving travels. Compared with traditional wheelchairs which are energized by rider's labor, Airwheel A6T self-balancing power wheelchair enables riders to keep sitting while going forward, saving human strength and increasing riding comforts thanks to the branded lithium battery and powerful motor. A6T features a quick reaction time and instantaneous and intuitive control. Because of the built-in intelligent balancing system to maintain balance with the gyroscope system and to precisely calculate the real-time data and feedback to it, Airwheel A6Telectricwheelchair brings you unexpected riding flexibility and stability with the handlebar to turn directions and the change of gravity to go forward and backward. Anyone can sit on it and go.

Airwheel A6T Power and Manual wheelchairs

A6T Self Balance Wheelchair is equipped with high quality tires, ultra wide contact surface and better driving stability to bring users an unprecedented driving experience. Moreover, it has installed lithium battery with larger capacity (520wh) and reaches /h and longer range than other models. Also, it is easier and safer to park it with the aluminum kickstands. With A6T, users just enjoy the free intelligent life and many visitors have their test ride and they think highly of it.

Airwheel A6T mobility products

Now, the 2018 spring CMEF has begun on 11th and will come to an end on April 14th, please grasp this opportunity to visit Airwheel booth 4B10, Hall 4.1.