Airwheel H3S Smart Electric Wheelchair will Appear at 2018 HK Electronics Fair

Abstract: Airwheel mars rover is a high-tech and fashionable commuting vehicle not only for the young but also for the senior citizens. The H3S folding power chair is to open a new gate to a trendy lifestyle for the retirees and you can prepare a H3S for your parents. So, take them test and ride H3S at 2018 HK Electronics Fair.

When parents retire, they suddenly have to adjust to a vastly different schedule. You can help them make some plans to keep themselves busy. This will help them with the adjustment phase. Make an effort to eat right and exercise regularly, as this can help with their emotional well-being. Airwheel focuses on the research and development of safe, solid and user-friendly products, and considers every single details, always taking the customer demand as its centre. The new arrival H3S foldable electric wheelchair will be a good companion for them.

Airwheel H3S Medical Equipment
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Quality and safety make Airwheel mars rover and H3S power chair. From the material selected to the components, H3S Electric Wheelchair is much stricter than others are. It is strict with the pick of materials and chooses the aluminium alloy 6061 as its frame featured by heat resistance, cold endurance, flame resistance and impact resistance. H3S picked the branded lithium battery, featured by numerous recharge times. The quality battery not only offers powerful thrust, but also serves as the safeguard in riding.

Airwheel H3S Ability Medical

The high quality is the precondition for H3S power chair to be successful. However, it's the more user-friendly designs make riders cannot resist it. Firstly, the automatic folding system enables riders to fold it automatically and it can be easily stored in car trunk. Second, the dual ride modes give riders much fun. The electric mode allows parents to go freely and the manual mode can be their exercising mode and accompanying mode. Also, the joystick controller greatly reduces the leaning difficulty and it can enhance parents' confidence.

Airwheel H3S Power and Manual wheelchairs

Retirement is a major life change. So much of your sense of self-worth is tied up with career success and accomplishment. So when your parents retire, please pay more attention to your parents' mental and physical change, and you can prepare an Airwheel H3S power and manual wheelchair to help them live through this transition. Go outside and enjoy some fresh air. Do something they enjoy, like drawing or going out with H3S.

Airwheel at 2018 HK Electronics Fair

We hereby sincerely invite you to Airwheel booth at the 2018 Hong Kong Electronics Fair.