Airwheel Introduced Intelligent & SUV S5 Two-wheeled Electric Scooter

The Airwheel S5 has been released by Airwheel Technology lately. When it is put into market, a certain number of people arouse great interest in the two-wheeled electric scooter. On the other hand, it’s reported by a certain media that a group of customer service staff of municipal airport ride S5 electric scooters to assist passengers who are in need of help. Riding this scooter, the airport workers can move faster in terms of speed to reach the people who need the help. Thus, this intelligent vehicle improves the working efficiency.

Through the event reported as above, Airwheel S5 is gradually accepted by a certain number of people. Why does this two wheel self-balancing electric scooter can receive approval from considerable consumers? It’s powered by batteries, which means it’s cost-effective in terms of fuel. It can top up to the highest speed 17 kilometers per hour. That can definitely meet the need for speed in the airport. Besides, when the low battery comes, the intelligent scooter will give a warning on the screen to remind of you. For this scooter has two wheels, it’s effortless for riders to keep balance on the deck. Despite the fact that it’s a slightly big in the exterior, it is foldable when it needs transferring. The operating bar can be removed if the rider needs store it in the trunk. In the middle part located between the left and right handlebars, a wide Led display screen is there, which can display more information about scooter’s status including speed, battery level, mileage and so on that guarantees users to ride wisely.

airwheel S5 scooter

Two large tires mounted in the S5 are grooved with patterns enjoying a good steady force. No wonder, it’s suitable to be ridden on a rough road equal to a mini SUV. That is to say that the vehicle is capable to the road with bad conditions including unpaved paths because the grooved tires in the electric scooter made from durable rubber can keep steady on rough roads.

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