Indulge in a New Place with Airwheel Handy Electric Scooters

Holidays are something we long for, save tons of money for, and prepare for long in advance. We’ve always been told that, in order to get the most out of our travels, we need to read up on the culture and places to visit so that we really know where to go. Maybe you prepare your holidays by making a schedule of which museum you want to see when, where you want to eat, and what night activities you will squeeze in. Or maybe you join a guided tour and stop by the top-ranked places of the country you are visiting, typically one after another in a rather tight time-schedule. It’s okay to have a tight time-schedule since you can equip with a handy electric scooter. So just take your snapshots and keep going.

All electric scooters from Airwheel are powered by batteries imported from Japan. Take Airwheel Q1 for example. Q1 is also called intelligent electric monocycle. Only judging from its name Q1twin-wheeled electric scooter, we can guess it’s quite cute and small. Thus, its exterior will draw your attentions, and it will not occupy too much space in the car trunk. Moreover, it can be ridden in the narrow gallery or path. Meanwhile it keeps silent when you are riding which doesn’t disturb minds. Plus, this scooter is a hands-free device. It’s convenient for you to take snapshots. The other advantage is that it can speed up to the top speed 18 kilometers per hour. Hence, the time-schedule is not a problem. In the limited time, you can enjoy all landscapes as you wish with the help of the scooter.

Q1 twin wheel scooter

Some people always complain it’s too tiring after the travel. However, if this trip has a companion like Airwheel motorized scooter, then you must indulge in the new place to have a sensual traveling. After knowing where you to go, go to that new place with a handy scooter. Then spend a travel by using your five sense organs.

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