Airwheel M3 electric skateboard is crowd-funding in Indiegogo

Abstract: As the largest global site for fundraisers, Indiegogo helps individuals, groups and non-profits raise money online to make their ideas a reality. And Airwheel, as the leader of intelligent and convenient means of transport, has selected one of its latest products—M3 electric skateboard to crowd-fund in Indiegogo.

That is, supporters can own one Airwheel M3 with a much lower price, which is also one of the evens for Airwheel to return skateboard fans and supporters.


As the leader of intelligent and convenient means of transport, Airwheel has selected one of its latest products—M3 electric skateboard, both a tool and a plaything, to crowd-fund in Indiegogo which is the largest global site for fundraisers.

The reputation of Airwheel is gained by passing from mouth to mouth and M3 is no exception. Airwheel hopes a growing number of individuals will learn the design philosophy of M3 motorized skateboard through Indiegogo, and this concept can be incorporated in every aspect of people's life. For one thing, M3 electric air board is a transportation tool, powered by electricity.

Equipped with magnetic levitation motor, it brings more powerful output power with the top speed of 20 km per hour and 15°climbing degree. In combination with the Cheng Shin customized tires of skid proof and strong grip effect and PU material damper mass on front and rear wheels, Airwheel M3 are suitable for wider road conditions.

Airwheel M3

For another, M3 wireless remote control skateboard can be treated as a plaything, as well by virtue of the modular design. That is, M3 can be modified and realize personal "transformation" according to different characters. The 2.4G handheld wireless remote control makes the skateboarding more freely and conveniently.

It is a golden opportunity for Airwheel to pay back for skateboard fans and supporters by crowd-funding in Indiegogo. It will last for 60 days, and you can find Airwheel M3 maple electric skateboard on .

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