Blueprint for Airwheel Technology in 2016

Abstract: In 2015, Airwheel Company has harvested more customers and a good reputation in the market. It delivers pleasant and comfortable riding experience to customers. There will be more moves for further development of the company in the year 2016.

For either rookie intelligent scooter rider or veteran enthusiasts, Airwheel Technology has impressed them with various innovative products in 2015. Airwheel products lead its users to feel the coziness of city sightseeing, the pleasure of braving the wind and the passion of challenging boring life.


To gain new growth momentum in 2016, Airwheel Technology needs to engage in smaller cities and cover more people. Whether online or offline, Airwheel will guarantee that potential customers can get their desired products as fast and conveniently as possible. In the coming January, Airwheel Technology will attend the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The sets the tone of Airwheel Technology for the coming year is to attend more exhibitions and trade shows to promote the intelligent self-balancing scooters and to seek co-operation.

In the year 2015, Airwheel Technology has harvested more customers with its product diversification policy. The company has successively launched 6 new products, ranging from electric skateboard to mini self-balancing scooter. This trend will continue to the next year. The company will carry on the course of product and technology innovation. More people can get the most suited vehicle to serve the purposes like commuting, entertaining or keeping fit.


In light of the fire accidents caused by defected electric hoverboards, the whole self-balancing scooter industry is in urgent need of industry regulations and quality control. Airwheel Technology, as the market leader will take its responsibility to observe the disciplines. On the one hand, the company will abide by the rules set by online giants like Amazon and different countries. On the other hand, it will enforce strict quality control on all its products. For further development, the company will also seek cooperation with electronic service providers. More online services may be provided over the phone.

The blueprint of Airwheel Technology demonstrates its ambition to quell any threats from either challengers or destructors in the industry.

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