Airwheel R8 Triangle Frame Electric Bike Imparts New Vigor To Life

Abstract: This summer, the elevating temperature gets outdoor travelling or daily commuting more complicated and annoying. Airwheel R8 electric mountain bike, in concert with the outdoor travelling trend, will impart new vigor to life.

In the mass means of commuting, the mini electric bike will be an efficient means of transportation to get to and off work. Meanwhile, it can also be a reliable companion for outdoor travelling at weekends. Airwheel R8 triangle frame electric bike is such kind of transport. Known to all, the automobiles have been blamed for causing traffic congestion and pollution. Electric cars, like Tesla are not affordable for most common people. Public transportation, like metros and buses are always crowded in summer. Airwheel smart electric bikes seem to be an efficient alternative.

Airwheel R8

For the public or even the environmentalists, R8 either powered by electricity or by man-labor, is an absolutely green vehicle. R8 lightweight trekking bike will release the burden of the congested urban traffic. It has three different ride modes, man-power mode, pure electricity mode and moped mode allowing riders to enjoy different riding pleasure and achieve different purposes. Even in the scorching summer, people needs to get refreshed in the open fields.

Smart electric bike

R8 can escort users for a safe and sound journey. R8 moves at a stable speed of 20 km/h. The speed enables riders to embrace the breeze and enjoy the scenery. Even climbing slopes up to 15°is not a daunting job for R8. Take a backup battery and they can get as far as they whish. When they get tired of riding, they can choose the pure electricity mode to enjoy an effortless riding. After a day's trip, “feed” R8 electric bike with electricity. It takes about 120 minutes per charge. The lithium battery is replaceable. When people go camping with R8, they can even charge their electronic devices with the battery of R8. Lamps, mini fans, iPad can be all connected to the USB port on the battery. It well deserves the reputation of a versatile vehicle. The potential of R8 is only limited by its user's imagination. In a word, R8 electric assist bike is to impart new vigor to life.

Airwheel R8 Battery

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