What Is The Favorite Transport Of The Elderly? Airwheel H3 Folding Electric Wheelchair

Abstract: Among all age groups, the grey haired are quite demanding to transport they use. Whether driving cars or riding bicycles, kids always worry about their safety. Thus, most of the elderly have no choice but take the public congested public transports. However, their situation is thoroughly changed since Airwheel H3 electric folding wheelchair was born.

Airwheel smart wheelchair

H3 Folding electric wheelchair is one of successful works by Airwheel in 2017 which explains a brand-new fashion concept for people with mobility problems and for the senior citizens. What is more, it overshadows other models in terms of riding experience, range, cost performance and practical applications. Comparatively speaking, the grey haired are quite difficult to choose a suitable transport until H3 came into being. It offers them a more comfortable riding experience and higher riding safety so as to make their twilight years much more convenient and wonderful.

Airwheel Folding Wheelchairs

What makes their sons and daughters at ease when parents are riding Airwheel H3 motorized wheelchair? First, riding H3 electric wheelchairs doesn't need too many skills or too much physical strength, because riders realize all controls, like speeding up, slowing down and changing direction, via slightly adjusting the handlebar controller which is quite easy to control. Then, it is equipped with a soft and wide saddle. When the elderly are riding H3, they can sit on the saddle as it can be powered by lithium battery. Or, they can ride H3 by man-power. Thanks to the Omni-directional wheel design, its operation with 360°steering is more flexible.

Airwheel H3

In addition, Airwheel H3 handle controlled electric wheelchair is quite small and light after folding. It introduces automatic folding system to facilitate the folding process, which just requires pushing one button. Now that children don't worry about the riding safety of their parents any more, what does H3 can do for the elderly? It can cover almost all short-to-long distance travels for them, like buying daily articles and visiting neighbors. It also can be a tool for them, such as walking the dog, morning exercise in a near park or just takes it as a comfortable moveable chair in the open air. All in all, H3 lightweight folding wheelchair not only facilitates senior citizens' daily travel, but also enriches their life.

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