Airwheel SR5 visual following suitcase Meets Your Specific Needs as A Traveler

Abstract: Devoting to producing smart convenient electric vehicles, Airwheel makes travel furthermore convenient and creative with the launch of SR5 intelligent self-following suitcase. It is able to adhere to airline restrictions and meet your specific needs as a traveler.

Airwheel smart electric scooter has generated much popularity since its launch. It follows the current trend and starts from changing people's trip mode, leading the transportation revolution. To further facilitate the travel, Airwheel releases the SR5, a smart suitcase that follows you. When traveling by airplane, bringing a carry-on bag can be a convenient way to keep a few belongings with you during the flight.

Airwheel SR5 intelligent suitcase

SR5 can connect wirelessly to your smartphone so you can stay charged, tracked and locked. Not every case has to have a bunch of built-in electronic tech to be smart – or rather, clever. The key hinges on its creativity, which is rather to satisfy riders' demands and update the way of traveling. The visual tracking and sensor technology make SR5 robotic suitcase realize auto-follow and intelligent obstacle avoidance.

Airwheel SR5 smart luggage

Want to add some security to a bag you already love? That question inspired Airwheel. With the design of TSA dual-wheel mechanical lock, applicable to many countries, it prevents damage to the suitcase when there are customs checks. Controlled from a smartphone, SR5 hands free suitcase offers a slew of security features, like a proximity alarm that can ring when your luggage gets too far away. Both the mobile and SR5 will release alarm when it's separated from the user beyond safe distance.

Airwheel SR5 smart hands-free suitcase

Airwheel SR5 intelligent self-following suitcase is more flexible than traditional suitcases, and can effectively reduce the travel burden. Position track and anti-lost alarm allow you to switch between auto-follow and remote control easily and safely. By this way, they can travel more convenient and faster. SR5 auto-following suitcase might be the perfect bag for travelers that want their clothes tostay neat while on the go. The polyester fabric inner allows you to put underwear directly with no more worry and the inner space is as large as 30L. The built-in shelves gives you opportunity to arrange the travel items in clean order.