Airwheel A6S Electric Balance Wheelchair Is Good For Short Trips Or The Daily Commute

Abstract: Conquer the outdoors and take to the trails. Take the path less traveled! The Airwheel is perfect for that quick getaway or adventure. A6S lightweight balance wheelchair is good for short trips or the daily commute.

Faced with the increasing seriously environment pollution and heavier traffic, people are longing for a proper vehicle to help them out. Airwheel A6S, a new model in A series has arrested the mass's attention. Intelligent robots for everyday activities. The A6S self-balancing wheelchair can take you anywhere you want and travel long distances and save money by not using taxis with the Airwheel A6S, an efficient way to get around.

Airwheel A6S self balance personal transport

Just like other Airwheel self-balancing electric scooters adopting gyroscope system to maintain balance by leaning forward and backward, Airwheel A6S self-balance personal transport can be controlled to go forward and backward by leaning forward or backward. The difference is the added smart joystick controller mounted on A6S to control the riding directions. At the top of the controller, there is a LED showing the riding data, like the speed, mileage and battery.

Airwheel A6S lightweight balance wheelchair

The compact magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy frame, designed by aviation standard and curve concept, is so solid that its carrying capacity can reach a maximum of 90kg. What's more, the double honeycomb mesh breathable saddle gives you an excellent riding experience. The quality tires and powerful motor are essential for a desirable riding experience. Airwheel A6S handle controlled electric wheelchair is equipped with 14 inch tires that ensure a better traffic ability on various road conditions. It is worth mentioning that its dual powerful motors supply strong power to make riders pass through any road easily.

Airwheel A6S 2 wheel Self Balance Wheelchair

Other details are fully considered, say the embedded LED headlight comes in handy for you to recognize crossings in insufficient light and the rear intelligent light will light automatically if brake to remind the rear vehicles and passersby. With the comprehensive improvement of the performance of Airwheel, the App, as the indispensable part of A6S smart electric wheelchair has a big upgrade, no longer limited to the data learning. It realizes fault-diagnose before ride. With Airwheel A6S, we can enjoy the short trips and daily commute.