Getting Around With Ease—Airwheel H3S Handle Controlled Electric Wheelchair

Abstract: The electric vehicles have many varieties. Airwheel, a leading global intelligent vehicles provider launched the latest product H3S breaking such limitations. Get around with ease with H3S smart electric wheelchair.

With the born of electric scooters, riders have more mobility choices and they can control it to accelerate, decelerate, and brake by leaning forward or backward. The built-in smart sensors will respond to the change of gravity center accurately to ensure a smooth riding experience. It seems simple, yet cool enough that requires balancing skill. By contrast, the Airwheel H3S power wheelchair is easier to learn, as it not only installs four wheels, but also the joystick controller.

Airwheel H3S Folding Power chairs

With an electric motor and navigational controls, Airwheel H3S motorized wheelchair can be a comfortable and practical option for you or the user you are buying one for. The controller makes everyone master it within minutes a reality, via which all controls are realized, going forward, backward and braking and so on. What is more, the controller is replaceable and can be mounted on the left handlebar or right one.

Airwheel H3S Folding wheelchair

A power, or electric, wheelchair is a great way to improve mobility and independence for those who need it. H3S smart electric wheelchair, different from the traditional wheelchairs, has dual ride modes which can be changed in accordance with actual needs. Firstly, it can be ridden as the traditional wheelchairs and riders can push the wheels to go or others can help them and accompany with them. However, it is inevitable to feel exhausted in the ride. Have a seat to rest and go forward at the same time is a desirable choice. Sitting to ride is much easier. The electric mode allows riders to sit on the saddle and go forward which is a desirable choice for those people who feel tired easily. Either way, riding comfort and enjoyment are guaranteed.

Airwheel H3S Rollator

Where will you be taking your wheelchair? If the user of the power chair travels often, the wheelchair should be more compact and easy to take apart for transport. The automatic folding system is what they need and its specially designed wheels empower Airwheel H3S smart electric wheelchair to better cope with the possible situations in the riding process.