An Innovative Adaption to Smart Technology—Airwheel Trekking Bike

Abstract: The ride in our personal transportation family, the Airwheel R series arrived with enhanced speed, range, and capabilities. Airwheel R series—electric assist bike has made several technological breakthroughs on the basis of electric bike.

From beginning to end, Airwheel devotes itself into developing innovative and environmentally-friendly products to facilitate the public's daily commuting. Now, eleven series of smart gadgets are available ranging from self-balancing scooter, foldable e bike, smart helmet, power chair and smart suitcase. R series with the multiple ride modes, small storage space, unlimited range, the exclusive App and other user-friendly designs make it an indispensable vehicle for many commuters.

Airwheel R5 citizen folding electric bike

Among various vehicles, Airwheel electric assist bikes are recommended and now riding it and blending into the great nature have been enjoyed by an increasing number of riders, as it helps them destress. Riding Airwheel folding e bike to go to nature is a good choice. No matter how long the destination is, it won't be a problem for Airwheel, thanks to the replaceable battery. What's more, the USB port enables people to charge their mobile phones, tablet and other electronic devices during the travel.

Airwheel R6 electric aided-bicycle

Moreover, the three different ride modes can fully meet the riding demands of everyone. At first, you might need to warm up and the manual mode is suitable. Then, the moped mode lets you experience the combined power from electricity and man-labor. Finally, when you are tired, the electric mode gives you an effortless and fast riding experience. It is worth mentioning the R6 and R8. Among the four models in R series, only R6 has two ride modes—manual mode and moped mode. R6 makes the folding process even more convenient and easier, as it installs automatic folding system. R8 electric mountain bike adopts customized 26 inch tires have better traffic ability and stability to provide riders with a smooth riding experience.

Airwheel R8 mountain electric power bicycle

The R3 and R5 are equipped with Airwheel mobile app for riders to learn the real-time data. While, R6 and R8 electric cross bikes change such function to the trip computers on the handlebars making it more convenient to see the data. To conclude, riders can enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air in the outdoor to the top of their bent.