Parents Will Be Satisfied With This Modern-Day Airwheel H8 Smart Wheelchair

Abstract: If your mother or father's birthday is around the corner and you have not prepared gift, you can try Airwheel H8 /indoor wheelchair which will not let them down. Actually, it will surprise them and make their daily life more convenient.

On the occasion of mother's or father's birthday, it is time to express gratitude for the hardships they bear in bringing up you and to show your love. Airwheel, a notable mars rover producer continues to make breakthroughs, such as the H8 with dual ride modes has achieved great success. Airwheel H8 power chair is configured specifically for old users.

Airwheel H8 4 wheels wheelchair

Airwheel design team is bold in innovation and upgrades the traditional wheelchair. Firstly, H8 is much easier to learn compared with other Airwheel models. With the joystick controller, riders can go forward, backward or turn directions by pushing the controller to the corresponding directions. H8 electric wheelchair allows riders to either sit on the ergonomic saddle to go or to push it to go. The saddle made of premium materials is soft and breathable, giving mothers an excellent riding experience.

Airwheel H8 Smart Wheelchair

Also, the details of Airwheel H8 handle controlled electric wheelchair will make our parents satisfied. Its frame has lighter and higher strength than ordinary material, and its maximum load can reach 130kg. Under the seat, there is a large storage box for riders to put the daily necessaries. Also, it is able to store more goods when go shopping. Its brushless motor using magnetic encoders as sensor is more powerful. Unlike other power chairs, H8's battery is removable, which provides convenience by allowing the battery charged in the room. H8 ensures our parents safety with dual alerts. To turn directions or reverse, H8 will release alert if there are obstacles. Riders can press the horn button to remind the front passers-by. H8 motorized wheelchair has mobile App, an upgraded App with remote control, like the directions and speed control.

Airwheel H8 Intelligent 4 wheels wheelchair

To conclude, the electric vehicle is catching on the trend. Just like parents try their best to make us happy when we were a child, we can do something for them when they are old.