C5 Smart Helmet, the First Wearable Device in Airwheel Won the iF Design Award 2017

Abstract: Introduced in 1954, the iF Design Award is regarded as one of the most important design competitions worldwide and is recognized as a symbol of design excellence around the world.

Each year the iF Design Award attracts thousands of entries from all over the world. The best of the best are awarded with an iF gold award, known as the “Design Oscar.” “When a product receives an iF award, it really stands for something: it stands for a clear intention and a quality of execution, a quality of materials, a quality of thinking.” Paul Flowers added, Chief Design Officer, LIXIL Water Technology Group, UK. Hence, it is a great honour for Airwheel C5 smart helmet to win such an internationally influenced award and also shows C5's excellence.

iF Design Award

The reason why Airwheel C5 helmet camera won this award lies in the premium quality and thoughtful design. Its shell made of Polycarbonate adopts dual PC blastictech greatly improving its anti-impact ability. C5 adopts an integrated technology, with excellent toughness and strength, which can bear impact to protect head safety effectively. Also, it conforms to human body engineering that can adapt to different head forms and provide riders with more comfortable wearing experience. It can be adjusted to adapt to different head girths, from 53cm to 63cm.

Airwheel C5

More importantly, C5 is a versatile helmet. 2k camera, combined with 150°FOV records every splendid moment in riding and presents supreme and impeccable pictures. Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet is equipped with 2000mAh lithium battery and combined with the intelligent management chip, its range can be prolonged to 180min. The exclusive App allows riders to control the video, take pictures and retrospect the wonderful images with simplified operation.

Smart helmet

Moreover, they can share the exciting moments with others and upload them to social media. In addition, the specially designed denoiser microphone is able to filter external environment noise to guarantee a clear call during ride. Also, different from the traditional earphones, the built-in Bluetooth speaker in open design enables you to enjoy music and meanwhile to hear the external sound, enabling riders to be ready to deal with emergencies anytime.

With such premium quality and thoughtful design, Airwheel C5 smart helmet is worthy of the iF Design Award.

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