Claire’s Daily Routine with Airwheel Q6 Self-balancing Twin-wheel Scooter

Abstract: A college student, Claire's fantastic campus life could make you admire of her. The special walking way is going to dazzle onlooker's eyes, and she is indulged in the joys brought by the Q6 mini scooter.

Claire is a college student in the MIT University. She is quite different from others for she likes playing all new electric gear except for bizarre dress. That is her personal transporter Airwheel Q6, twin-wheeled electric scooter. Since her campus is quite large, it always takes her 10 minutes to arrive at the classroom building from the dormitory. It's convenient to have a personal transporter to get around in the big campus.


She chooses this vehicle at the first sight for its appearance. Q6 runs on a single wheel with double hubs inside powered by recyclable batteries. Premium quality underlined by fine texture crafted with special techniques is meant for users with high-end tastes. Exquisite as it appears, Q6's case is featured with anti-scratch and abrasion. Its sleek design reveals a touch of green life since the cushion pads are printed with circle patterns in color of green, blue, or red.

Airwheel Q6

The cushion pad, replaceable among green, blue and red versions is used to protect users from get scraped or bruised. It weighs 11.1kg coming with a handle, which makes it more portable when she needs to carry it. Plus it is created by a small volume. When arriving in the classroom, she only puts the scooter beside her desk.

If there are no classes in the afternoon, she would always ride this mini scooter in the square of the college. She treats this riding as a sort of sports and an entertainment. Sometimes bystanders walk close to her to appreciate her ride. Every weekend she attends the scooter club to share her experience of riding the Airwheel electric scooter and ride it with other members together.

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