Most electric skateboards Makers Are Sidestepping a Big Obstacle

Abstract: It's a vision in the future that electric scooters could sell well at any times. In order to accomplish this goal, the problem mentioned below must be solved. Then there is a ray of hope.

The electric scooters sweep into the market without great efforts in light of its innovative appearance, and they gains popularity. For this new gadgets sell well, all makers join into this line.


Based on the balancing theory and fuzzy algorithm, all scooters are built-in gyros. Via body movement, the scooter can move forward. Maybe it's innovative riding model to make this product popular among the young who are keen on chasing the new without weak ability to resist its temptation. Whether it's the self-balancing electric unicycle or the two-wheeled electric scooter, they are powered by battery packs. The big problem is that they can't last for a long time. It seems that no one scooter has a pleasing range.

Someone suggest that prepare enough spare batteries to extend its range. However, it's impractical to carry the spare battery pack. First, the battery pack is not light and the small vehicle doesn't have any place or room for it except that the rider carries it on the back by using a knapsack. Second, it's cumbersome to carry something with the rider which can affect his riding experience. If self-balancing electric scooter is only as the tool for the last-mile, then it's really just a toy for the rich or the trendsetter.

Airwheel M3

This is a brilliant idea, but it's still difficult to take action, especially in some poor countries or undeveloped cities. If this idea is put into practice, then the problem of motorized scooter can be addressed. To some extent, the person with good ideas is much better than those who dare not to think about.

If this thought is realized in some day, the electric skateboards industry will enter into a new stage where more people will want to have one as a handy tool to solve the commuting.

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