Differences Between Women Business Travelers and Leisure Travelers

We’ve talked quite a bit on this blog about the differences between male and female travelers — how they travel, what they need to pack and what kinds of luggage are best for them — but one thing we haven’t addressed is the varying needs of women travelers, depending on where they’re headed.
While it’s not uncommon for women to travel just as much as men for business these days, we also acknowledge that sometimes, girls just wanna have fun. So how do the needs of women business travelers and women leisure travelers differ, and how do those differences change how they need to pack for those trips?
This may seem counter-intuitive, given the seeming wardrobe monotony of business travel, but as a general rule, most women will need to pack more for a business trip than for leisure travel. If you’re away for any length of time, you may also want to pack clothes for lounging or going out in after hours, plus comfortable clothes to travel in.
Many leisure travelers can get away with one outfit per day. (Sometimes a swimsuit is necessary too, but that doesn’t take up much room.)
Women business travelers will likely need their heavy artillery when they’re on the road: In addition to their computers, they’ll need all the chargers, power adapters for international travel (when applicable), plus their smart phone, tablet and all the other technology they can’t live without.
For women traveling for fun, a smart phone, iPod and maybe a Kindle or iPad may be the only tools necessary for a totally successful trip. The differences in technology needs may change the kind of carry-on bag a woman needs to travel with, and that may affect how she packs the rest of her luggage, too.
Different types of pleasure travel
And, of course, for any leisure traveler — male or female — there are different types of trips to consider when packing. Will you be going on a casual beach vacation or somewhere that requires more formal attire? Will you be traveling alone, with friends or with family? (For more on the joys of traveling with the whole family, check out our recent post on the subject.) As much fun as it can be once you get there, leisure travel can be a complicated thing where preparing is concerned!
We’ve written about the general differences between business and leisure travelers’ luggage needs, too, so take a look at that post if you’re looking for more information.
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Photo credit: Neezee (Flickr, Creative Commons)