Travel Safely And Avoid Thieves

Travel can be as dangerous as it is exhilarating. Thieves consider tourists very tempting targets since preoccupied visitors aren’t always focused on the cash and valuables they’re carrying. Therefore, you need to take steps to protect yourself when traveling, especially overseas. Paranoia isn’t necessary, but vigilance is.
One of the best ways to reduce your vulnerability is to minimize the amount of luggage you carry. That means checking one large Travelpro Rollaboard and carrying on a smaller bag that can be strapped to the rollaboard.
Be sure to store an extra copy of your passport in your Travelpro Rollaboard (the secret pocket in the Crew 8 is the perfect place), separate from the original. You should also register your credit cards or have a trusted friend or family member maintain a list of both your cards and company contact information. This will allow you to react quickly should your purse or wallet be stolen.
Rick Steves, the noted travel writer, strongly recommends protecting your cash and documents by wearing a money belt while traveling abroad. Austin House™ — a division of Travelpro and leading brand of great travel accessories — offers two such products:
Leave expensive, easy-to-steal items such as jewelry at home when traveling. If you must bring valuables, use either your room safe or the hotel’s main safe (your better bet) to secure them. Plus, you may want to consider these products also available from Austin House:
Finally, use common sense when you’re “out and about” abroad. The United States Department of State recommends the following measures:
If you stay alert and take the proper precautions, both you and your belongings should remain safe on the road. As Rick Steves says “Limit your vulnerability rather than your travels.”