Do You Know These Airwheel Fancy Gadgets?

Abstract: Are you enthusiastic fans of innovative, favorable gadgets? These Airwheel gizmos especially enhance the look of your treasure and some help in easy and safe riding.

1.Power Inverter
Airwheel power inverter is able to convert direct current 12V-24V provided by the vehicle into direct current 67.2V. With the 90%+ conversion rate, it is more energy-saving and reduces the damage to battery. DC 12V-24V is more compatible, making travel more freely. It is featured by short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection and overload protection etc. With better thermal conductivity, it will work at a low temperature safeguarded by multi protection system, stable and reliable.

Airwheel Power Inverter

A: Insert the inverter in the charging port of Airwheel mini electric scooters.
B: Pull out the cigar lighter of the vehicle, and insert inverter's plug in the socket of cigar lighter.
C: When indicator turns red, it means it is charging; when light turns green, it means it is end of charge.

2.High-Precision Mars Rover Scooter Special Tyre Pressure Reader
Measure the tire pressure of Airwheel mars rover Checking the tire pressures of your scooter is generally pretty tedious and difficult, this gizmo lets you see the pressure easily. Thanks to its mini buddy and special designed case, it's portable and easy to store.

Airwheel Gadgets

1、Unscrew the cap on tyre valve
2、Connect the pressure reader nozzle with the valve
3、The reader will indicate the pressure value
4、Inflate the tyre if pressure is low; If high, deflate by putting the reader on the valve without pushing it to the end
5、When measurement is finished, push the reset button, the indicator will point to zero, put the cap back on the valve.

3.Training Wheels
As to beginners, Airwheel has prepared training wheels for them. To begin with, they can add the wheels to the vehicle, which will help them learn faster in a safe manner. Still worry about failing to master your single-wheel electric scooter? Like learning to ride a bike, scooter can be assisted by some gadgets to make it much easier.

Airwheel Gadgets

Training wheels: remember your childhood riding a bike with training wheels? Airwheel now provide exclusive assisting wheel for X series. (Be cautious, please do not overdoes in theses. You should find your self-balance and do cooler work.)

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