Experience a Different Culture by Rolling Electric Hoverboards around European Cities

Abstract: It's a common dream for tremendous people to travel around the world since it's so large that always arouses people to have a view to those places filled with myths. To bring an electric hoverboards from Airwheel, start off the little-known European cities.

A European vacation is more than just a trip. It's an opportunity to experience a whole different culture and take in the sights and sounds of several famous cities in one go. Expect for those famous cities like Pairs, London and Rome, but you may bot heard of these enchanting cities situated along the European coast.


Kamenjak is an undeveloped protected nature reserve just South of Pula that has developed a following among beach-goers in Croatia. With the portable self-balancing electric scooter, all sorts of interesting cannot be missed out. Rolling such scooter, you can experience secluded pebble beaches without any fatigue. As we know electric scooters are usually powered by battery packs. After one full charge, it can last for a certain time.

On that piece of land, you can appreciate beautiful wildflowers and greenery with access to the pristine Adriatic Sea. A little over 100 miles outside of Venice, Kamenjak is the perfect day trip for a change of pace during an Italian vacation.

Airwheel X3

Moreover, it rolls at a low speed no less than 12 kilometers per hour for the speed limit is that value. Hence, it allows you to cross the maze of dirt tracks through wildflower gardens and waterfront paths to find the perfect isolated spot on the beach.

Apart from that, this single-wheel electric scooter is a good guider for you heading to the southern tip of the peninsula. Veer west to experience a spectacular, 2.5-mile stretch of pebbly bays naturally broken up by slab-stone terraces. Don't worry about the tires of the scooter. They fitted with deep patterns are capable to enjoy the incredible views.

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